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Somatic Fascia Restructuring


Movement & Meditation

At Vidya Method we have tried many approaches to movement. From functional anatomy, yoga, Nei gong, parkour, somatics, meditation etc… and while each discipline has its particular advantages, fundamentally it depends on the person engaged in those practices. What determines an outcome is the persons motivation, dedication, and understanding, therefore it’s actually the mind that is the foundation of all movement and health. We understand that all movement begins and ends with the mind and therefore Bryson created Somatic Fascia Restructuring as a way to address this need.

Movement: Somatic Fascia Restructuring 

From these experiences over the years we began to slowly form a body of knowledge and a point of view on movement education. Instead of identifying as a stagnant idea, a yogi, a rower, a runner, a martial artist etc… we began to understand that what defines a human being is movement. Our brains evolved to move! It’s the most complex brain on the planet and it has one purpose: movement. All the many approaches to movement developed throughout time in various cultures are nothing more or less, than movement sciences created in response to a particular time or environment.

Somatic Fascia Restructuring is a Comprehensive Method 

Today we have the ability to take the most relevant aspects of so many movement sciences and internalize them for our own development in order to meet the needs of our current time and culture. We can begin to cultivate these methods internally over time and move forward intelligently, and this is why our system is called Somatic Fascia Restructuring.

Individual Approach

It’s our view that everyone must develop their own approach to health and wellbeing. At Vidya Method, we are here to share the tools that will help you build your own understanding of movement & meditation. We encourage you to browse our site and find the classes that appeal to you.

Teaching Staff


Bryson is currently working with the Tibetan Buddhist Yogas of Nejang, and Tsalung Trulkhor and how they interface with Somatic theory. Following the guidance of the Vajrayana masters he believes that one cannot attain mental freedom without first addressing the body.

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Melissa’s approach to teaching integrates her mindfulness training along with her understanding of anatomy and medicine as a qualified Physical Therapist. Her classes focus on establishing safe, smart, and effective approaches to functional movement with the goal to empower each person to be able to take ownership of their body, mind and health.

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