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Bodies in Balance

Foundations of Yoga & Anatomy

4 Module Series

Bodies in Balance Series

This series is ideal for anyone looking to start a yoga practice or build upon an existing practice.

The focus of this course is movement education.


The course will begin with the fundamentals of a yoga practice, including postures, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, in addition we will learn anatomy and begin to explore deeper dimensions of movement principals. We will learn how to integrate these various elements and discover how we can apply this knowledge on and off the mat to become better movers. There are endless benefits to the study and application of anatomical principals to both movement and health. Learning anatomy provides the necessary foundation to help us enter into a more embodied awareness of our physical body.


The classes will be part instruction, demonstrations, and movement practice. The goal is for you to walk away with better knowledge of your body and how you use it to achieve optimal health and well-being by returning back to the body’s natural balance. You will learn how to inform your movement practice with an increased somatic awareness, while taking ownership of your body each time you begin your practice.

If you’re new to the world of anatomy and you find it overwhelming, then you’re in the right place. We will break down complicated anatomical principals into manageable and useful knowledge.


This course will consist of four 2-month series that can be purchased separately but will work best together as an entire course.

The series includes pre-recorded videos allowing you to follow along at your own pace. You can watch the classes as many times as you would like to gain understanding of the material.

The videos will cover anatomy/kinesiology; various topics related to movement, functional movement sequences, and common yoga postures that integrate anatomy-based knowledge.  At the end of each 8-week course, there will be a short review and quiz over the material that will highlight areas that you may want to revisit.

*Upon successful completion of all four modules, students will receive a certificate of completion from Vidya Method.

1. The Lower Extremity

 (9 weeks)

Hip, Knee, Ankle/Foot


2. The Upper Extremity

 (9 weeks)

Shoulder Blade, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/Hand


3. Trunk / Spine / Pelvis

(8 weeks)

Skull, Axial Skeleton (Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar), Abdominal Core, Pelvis


4. Anatomy Line

 (9 weeks)

Utilization of the 12 fascial lines in the body and tying all of the previous courses together. With focus on myofascial chains that will allow us to view the body as a whole vs parts for a more holistic view to benefit our movement practice and daily lives



Your Teacher

Join Melissa Brandfass, Physical Therapist & Certified Yoga Instructor, for Vidya Method, Bodies in Balance Series.

Melissa’s approach to teaching integrates her mindfulness training along with her understanding of anatomy and medicine. Her classes focus on establishing safe, smart, and effective approaches to functional movement with the goal to empower each person to be able to take ownership of their body, mind and health.

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All the classes are prerecorded and will be available to all participants to view and interact with at their own pace. Each course is 8 – 9 weeks in duration. Course materials will be available for the following six months following completion of the course.


$108 – for 1 Module

$400 – Full Course 1 Payment 

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