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Bryson Newell

Buddhist Science of Mind

Somatic Restructuring

Tai Chi & Nei Gong

Bryson Newell is the creator of Somatic Restructuring. Vidya Method is a continuing education program that uses his experience in meditation as the basis for which he builds his approach to movement. His curriculum is based on various methods that are all closely related in their approach and understanding of the body-mind complex.


Bryson Newell graduated from the University of Dayton with an M.A. in Education. He taught for several years in Istanbul, Turkey before traveling to India to further his studies in yoga and meditation. While living abroad he was introduced to the Tibetan yoga tradition. For the next several years he divided his time between Northern India and Nepal studying Tibetan yoga. His travels enabled him to experience the Tibetan monastic system of education. There he was able study and complete coursework inside the Tibetan monasteries from several different lineages. Impressed with the monastic education system he decided to build his training courses on the basis of their pedagogy.


Bryson has always been interested in extended retreats. At 19 he left home and spent the next three years on a wandering retreat following the ancient practice of the mendicants. Finally, after three years he concluded that he had gone as far as he could on his own with meditation, and thus decided to end his journey and look for a teacher. For the next several years he studied with teachers in the Zen tradition as well as in the Theravada tradition and even traveled to Thailand to practice. After an extend trip to India he met a group of Tibetan lamas and received teachings from them. He traveled to Jangchubling Monastery in Dehra Dun where he lived and continued his studies.

While at Jangchubling his teacher, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche suggested he should go into retreat to begin the Ngondro practice. In 2011 he began intensive retreats under the guidance of his root lama, Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche. Due to the kindness of his teachers he completed the Ngondro, Five Fold Path of Mahamudra, and the Six Yoga’s for the Drikung Kagyu Three Year Retreat.

Following the completion of his retreats he began studies with the Tibetan Sowa Rigpa doctor and Yuthok Nyingthig lineage holder, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. From Dr. Nida he received instruction in Tibetan medicine, Nejang, and Tsalung Trulkhor. Dr. Nida requested for him to teach Nejang to those interested in the practice.

Somatic Studies & Neigong

Bryson Newell has extensive training in the field of Somatics and Neigong. For more than thirty years he has studied and practiced the martial arts. His studies began at the age of ten in the Japanese martial arts and then he turned to the internal practices of Neigong and Tai Chi Chuan to which he continues to study and teach. He has been studying and teaching Neigong and Tai Chi Chuan for over two decades. His background in these arts led him to appreciate and seek out the Tibetan traditions of meditation and Tsalung Trulkhor.

Following an injury he was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method and the Alexander Technique. He was a student on the Alexander Teacher Training course when he was introduced to the Somatic Method created by Thomas Hanna. It was Thomas Hanna who had the wisdom to combine the ideas of both Alexander and Feldenkrais creating his own method, Hanna Somatics. Impressed with Hanna’s work, Bryson immediately sought out and completed the Somatic Teacher Training course in Novato, Ca.

His current work is the culmination of his understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and how it interfaces with Somatic theory, Tai Chi, and the internal principles of Neigong. He created Somatic Restructuring so practitioners can develop systematically through their own efforts. His Somatic Restructuring lessons are internal somatic education classes that teach people how to find freedom through conscious internal movement principles.

Somatic Primer Podcast

Bryson Newell is the host of The Somatic Primer Podcast.
The platform is a continuing education program that uses his experience in meditation and the somatic arts as the basis for the show. The Somatic Primer Podcast promotes cross discipline somatic dialogues that strive to discover the common threads that run through them all. The show explores various approaches and understanding of the body-mind complex.

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