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Connecting Heaven & Earth Qigong

Heaven and Earth Qigong is a very ancient Daoyin system designed to clear out stagnant energy, heal body imbalances, progressively release stuck tissues and negative emotions.

This course will present the classic Qigong Set Connecting Heaven & Earth, through the Five Elements lens, or as what’s known as an Internal Alchemy exercise. In this course you’ll be learning the Five Elements and the meridian system. This course covers the full exercise and the focus points necessary to make it true Qigong. This is an exceptional Qigong that energizes the body and the mind. It brings balance to your entire Qi system.

This workshop can serve as your first Qigong, it may be that you have many years of experience and this will enhance your knowledge. This course is for people who want to practice true Qigong, to work Internally. Qigong is an Internal skill with the function of enhancing the practitioner’s Qi (energy) and the flow of Qi within the meridian system and energy body.

During these sessions, you will be guided through a sequence of gentle, physical movements alternating with periods of quiet rest.  Each class is carefully structured to reveal something new and fascinating about yourself and help you to gain greater self-awareness.

In the Connecting Heaven and Earth course you will learn:-
• To create a quiet body/mind through the use of Wuji stance.
• To make use of the subtleties within the movements and postures to accurately guide the Qi.
• To use the breath to guide the Qi
• To use listening Jing in order to gain tangible awareness of the Qi and the changes produced during Qigong.


Go at your own pace.

Classes are available to stream.

Connecting Heaven & Earth

~ Movement & Anatomy ~


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