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Somatic Meditation

Group Class

 Monday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Everyone Welcome

When one cultivates embodiement the mind and body become less restless, negative thoughts begin to dissipate and our mood will naturally boost.

Our Somatic Meditation class is based on the body mind relationship. All of our courses are interrelated so our meditation course reinforces our movement classes. The information and skills learned in meditation are immediately transferable to movement. In mediation we get the opportunity to hone in on aspects of the mind body relationship that we wouldn’t ordinarily have access to while moving due to the complex and subtle nature of the mind. This practice will allow you to develop your ability to integrate your body and mind. When the body and mind are integrated this is called embodiment.

Attending a weekly class is a great way to establish a practice and or strengthen an existing one. By attending class, we draw on the support of a group, ask questions, and are more likely to continue to practice.


Bryson Newell

Bryson teaches from his own experiences in meditation. These classes are designed to introduce and guide students through a series of progressive meditation techniques.

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Monday evenings: 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom

Please contact for link.

All levels welcome!


$208 – 16 Weeks

$15 – Single Class

*All Classes Include Meditation

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Meditation & Movement