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Megan Lees

Meditation Teacher

500 hr Yoga Teacher Instructor


Megan was first introduced to yoga while studying Philosophy and Religious Studies at Morehead State University in Kentucky. She joined physical yoga classes at the student gym, which resembled most of the yoga classes that you see at gyms and studios now. Along with this, Megan was introduced to the philosophy of yoga and meditation when her philosophy teacher offered teachings outside of regular college courses.

When studying world religions, Megan was immediately drawn to Eastern philosophies and religions, Buddhism in particular. It is no surprise that years later she would circle back around and start studying Buddhist philosophy and practices again. She has been working with and studying with Bryson Newell for almost 10 years now, and is incredibly grateful to have been able to find a teacher and wonderful community in the Dayton area. Megan taught yoga for many years before she opened her yoga studio “Method Yoga.” Megan helped create and teach both the 200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher Training programs. In additioin Megan teaches yoga through the Centerville-Washington Park District and is excited to also work with students who are new to Buddhist philosophy and want to learn more!

The Four Noble Truths

Megan is currently teaching The Four Noble Truths and Mindfulness meditation. Our entry-level course, ‘The Four Noble Truths’ offers an introduction to the philosophy and practices of Buddhism. Buddhism has been around for thousands of years and although it is an ancient practice, the benefits of Buddhism are applicable in modern society. Practicing Buddhism can bring about many benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved mental health, and increased self-awareness.

In this course special emphasis is placed on the practice of mindfulness, which involves focusing on one’s thoughts, emotions, and surroundings to be fully present in the moment.

The Four Noble Truths

“An Introduction to Meditation & Buddhist Practice”

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