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Resolve Chronic Pain

Alexander Technique & Hanna Somatics

Individual lessons are one of the most effective and direct ways to change your habits and resolve chronic pain.

 One on One, in Person Lessons

Private sessions are a great way to focus on specific patterns that may be causing restrictions or pain. Private lessons are hands-on, guided movement sessions. We begin with an assessment of gait and posture. Then table work to address restrictive movement patterns. I will give you gentle movements that you can do at home so you can continue to improve your ease in movement.

I recommend committing to at least 3 sessions to gain the foundations of the work. You will be learning about your mind-body and that takes time. Think of it like taking violin lessons – it takes more than one session to become a master.

Why Individualized Lessons?

An individual session is for those whose goal it is to overcome chronic pain and reclaim their natural freedom of movement. Often times our current habits and our environment prevent us from moving in the natural way the body is designed to move. We tend to interfere with our bodies instead of listening to the needs of our body and thus it is not uncommon to develop movement patterns that cause us chronic pain.

Through a series of Somatic lessons we will begin to release our habits that are causing us chronic pain and overcome them. Individualized  lessons will help us to discover our bodies’ natural ease of movement.


These lessons are meant to serve as an ongoing education to help restore your body’s natural balance. It’s all too common to become dissociated from our bodies due to the stress of modern life.  These lessons are to help us restore our relationship with our bodies, deliberately and holistically, over the course of the lessons.

During the lesson, we work together to customize a session that you can take away and practice on your own. We will find techniques that you can modify to fit your lifestyle. Each time we meet we will review the previous lesson and how you did though the week and based on this create new lessons to progress you forward. Through this process you will develop the skills to gradually break the chronic pain cycle.

bryson newell


Your Teacher

Bryson has extensive training in the field of  Somatics. Combined with his knowledge of mind-body techniques he is able to provide informed and tailored individual sessions for any lifestyle. For more than a decade he has worked with clients to help them understand and break free of their own cycles of chronic pain.

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“Exercise without using the mind in conjunction with the body is of little use. It is the mind which develops the body and physical exercise must begin slowly, being careful to put the mind in the body.” 


$90 – 60 minute session

*Once lesson is purchased we will contact you to schedule a time.

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