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Eight Week Customized Program

You will be guided though simple movement patterns that will free you from postural habits. Each session will be carefully designed for your specific needs based your assessment and previous lesson. We will evaluate your progress weekly and adjust the curriculum to get the best results in the least amount of time. In a very short time you will begin to experience whole body connection.

By the end of the program you will have experienced a profound shift in both mind and body. Many people have overcome years of chronic pain, injuries, and athletic gains after just a few short short weeks.

Somatic Restructuring

“Storing up the Jin like drawing a bow. Mobilizing the Jin like pulling silk from a cocoon. Releasing the Jin like releasing an arrow.” – Wu Yu Hsiang, Tai Chi Classics

“Thanks to the somatic pioneers we are better able to understand the finer principles of the ancient meditative and movement traditions.”

Bryson created S.R. after many years of training in Western and Eastern Somatic traditions. His approach focuses on restoring the elasticity and integrity of the holistic structure of the  body. Once habits are resolved freedom of movement is achieved.

“The fascia framework provides a kind of tensional force that is crucial to the upright structure of the skeleton. We are not made up of stacks of building blocks resting securely upon one another, but rather of bones, muscle, and fascia, whose stability relies not upon flat-stacked surfaces but upon the proper angle of the bones and the balanced tension in the fascia.”– Tom Myers


Fascia is a form of connective tissue. It creates an internal integrity by creating a consistent tension for the structures within the body. Fascia is a fibrous tissue which surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, as well as all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. The most interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a series of separate coverings, but rather one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the entire body is connected to every other part via the fascia.

Fascia creates a web of support, known as Bio-Tensegrity that facilitates (or inhibits) your body’s ability to move, as well as the ability of your organs to function properly. The fibers of this web line up based on lines of tension forces throughout the body.

Healthy fascia is elastic and pliable, stretching and moving without restriction. When one experiences trauma however, or is inactive, the fascia loses its integrity and compensation patterns follow. Once it becomes compromised the unhealthy fascia adheres to itself thus binding the anatomical structures within you, and this limit your ability to function properly.

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Customized Program

Individual assessment (Free Assessment!)
Once a week one hour private session via Zoom
Customized at-home program developed for you based on my assessment and your stated goals.

 All somatic methods require the practitioner to work ‘internally’ and this is what is meant by ’embodiment’. When we are embodied we work holistically. Once this embodiment is established then our perspective on life changes, our thoughts begin to calm down and gradually movement becomes natural and enjoyable. Once you learn the somatic method  you will seamlessly incorporate it into your daily life.



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Once you purchase the program we will contact you to schedule the first session.

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Janice Staler
“Somatic Restructuring is the missing piece of the movement puzzle. I have been attending classes for the last several months and am noticing a change in how I move throughout the day. There’s a lightness and bounce with everyday movement which is becoming effortless. I’m grateful to have access to this new approach to learning how to reconnect and use fascia.”

Kathy Smith
“I have had chronic back, hip and leg pain for over two years. MRIs showed herniated discs/slipped disc for L2-L5. Nothing seemed to help – including anti-inflammatory meds, neuropathic meds, 2 rounds of PT, 3 spinal injections, chiropractic sessions and an anti-inflammatory diet. The private Somatic Fascia Restructuring sessions with Bryson helped more than anything else. The depth of knowledge that Bryson has is amazing. I am continuing to take the online SR class and expect even more improvement.”

Amanda Baughman
“Somatic Restructuring with Bryson is a great class. Bryson introduces movements that are easily practiced. Each session builds upon the last. As an avid walker who also enjoys hiking, I am able to walk at a quicker pace, more efficiently. The concepts taught apply to all movement from walking to yoga to yard work and beyond. Highly recommended to keep your body healthy and strong.”

Fantine Kerckaert
“I’ve really enjoyed Vidya Method’s S.F.R.’s classes! Bryson has opened a whole new world of insights into how our bodies function and move. Using the techniques he’s provided, I’ve already noticed big improvements in my balance. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in improving their range of motion and balance.”

Barb Laurash
“Bryson has created a program based on his extensive knowledge of human anatomy and movement. After consistently practicing Bryson’s techniques, happily reporting that my toe now bends, lifts, and curls separately from the other four toes! I also gained better facilitation of walking, better balance, and no hip weakness or tensor muscle soreness experienced. Amazingly, Bryson helped me accomplish this without any face to face meetings. It was done on line through Zoom as a private client. Bryson truly understands our human anatomy and what it needs to move in the best, most advantageous way.

Thank you, Bryson, for sharing that healthy feet are the basis for ease
of movement. Restoring the health of the feet leads to somatic fascial tensegrity, which leads to better physical health!”

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