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Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

Private 8 Week Lessons

Learn Tai Chi and explore deeper levels of embodiment through the Tai Chi form. New movements will be presented as movement mediations. Tai chi is known for it’s ability to improve strength, balance, and coordination.

Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi, is a traditional Chinese art involving sequence of slow controlled movements meant to cultivate one’s vital energy, called qi. There are basic movements that flow in and out of one another to create a seamless form.

Many studies have shown Tai Chi to slow the progression of many autoimmune diseases. Tai Chi also has profound positive effects on both motor functions, especially gait, balance, autonomic, and cognition.

Course Curriculum


 Tai Chi basics, Qigong Breathing, Fascia Restructuring, Whole Body Integrated Movement, and Embodied Consciousness.

Bryson Newell

Bryson has been studying and teaching Tai Chi for thirty years. His current work is the culmination of his understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and how it interfaces with Somatic theory, Tai Chi, and the internal principles of Neigong.  His Tai Chi lessons are internal somatic education lessons that teach people how to find freedom through conscious internal movement principles.

Tai Chi is a sophisticated Embodied Somatic Practice.  All somatic methods require the practitioner to work ‘internally’ and this is what is meant by ’embodiment’. When we become embodied then we can begin to work with our body holistically. Once this embodiment is established then our perspective on life changes, our thoughts begin to calm down and suddenly all movement becomes natural and enjoyable. Once you learn the somatic method  you will seamlessly incorporate it into your daily life.



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