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Foundations of Buddhist Thought

~ The Four Noble Truths ~

September 5th  – May 2024

Wisdom & Compassion Series

This eight-month (two-semester) course is part of Vidya’s continued education program. Our Foundation of Buddhist Thought series introduces students to the  Buddhist philosophy  and practice.

Our entry-level course, ‘The Four Noble Truths’ offers an introduction to the philosophy, history, and practices of the Theravada, Mahayana, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. We will explore the Four Noble Truths through the lens of the Theravada, and their relationship to the Mahayana tradition.

Special emphasis is placed on meditation. We will explore both Shamatha through the lens of the Buddha’s foundational teachings.

At the completion of the course, students will have a strong foundation on which to build and develop a meditation practice. Should participants wish to continue studying at Vidya Method, then the completion of this course would open the door to the many other offerings in the Foundation of Buddhist Thought series.

bryson newell

Bryson Newell

Bryson has been studying meditation for more than thirty five years. He has completed course work both inside Tibetan monasteries and privately with teachers from different lineages. He has spent several years in retreat and completed the Drikung Kagyu’s Ngondro & Five Fold Path of Mahamudra under the guidance of his root Lama Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche.

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Monday evenings Meditation: 6:30 – 7:30pm

Tuesday evenings: 6:30-8:30pm on Zoom

The Four Noble Truths by Geshe Tashi Tsering



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