Tibetan Nejang Yoga

“Increasing body awareness”

– Online Eight Week Course –

June 16th – August 4th

Nejang Yoga (Tibetan གནས་སྦྱངས་) is an ancient Tibetan healing yoga practice consisting of breath work, sequenced movements and self-massage to open the channels, balance the internal energies, relax the mind, and nourish the inner organs. With roots in the Kalachakra Yoga tradition, such exercises have been prescribed by Tibetan yogis and physicians for centuries to improve health, vitality and to support spiritual practice.

In this course we will learn traditional Tibetan yogic breathing, movement and meditation practices. We will also incorporate Somatic practices that support the traditional Tibetan yoga’s.

Course Structure

Participants will have access to the Nejang Platform of prerecorded classes that can be accessed anytime. We will also get together live once a week on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm – 7:45pm for in person Zoom meetings where we can discuss, ask questions, and practice together.

The course will cover

– Basic postures
– Preliminary breath-work: Ninefold purification breathing and Vase breathing
– Nejang Yoga Exercises and their physical and energetic health benefits
– Exercises for the “five” limbs (head, arms and legs) to open the joints
– Meditation and elimination of obstacles



Your Teacher

Bryson will lead the class over the course of an eight-week period, meeting once a week; each week building upon the previous lesson. This course is designed to take students step-by-step through a series of progressive somatic meditation techniques.

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June 16th – August 4th

Every Wednesday; 6:30pm – 7:45pm



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