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Tibetan Nejang Yoga

Increasing body awareness

Nejang Yoga (Tibetan གནས་སྦྱངས་) is an ancient Tibetan healing yoga practice consisting of breath work, sequenced movements and self-massage to open the channels, balance the internal energies, relax the mind, and nourish the inner organs. With roots in the Kalachakra Yoga tradition, such exercises have been prescribed by Tibetan yogis and physicians for centuries to improve health, vitality and to support spiritual practice. 

In this practice focused retreat, we will be guided through traditional Tibetan yogic breathing, movement and meditation practices. Bryson will also incorporate Somatic practices that support the traditional Tibetan yoga’s. 

The practice will cover:

• Basic postures
• Preliminary breathing: Ninefold purification breathing
• Vase breathing
• Nejang Yoga Movements for energy & health
• Movements for opening the joints



Your Teacher

Bryson will lead the class over the class though a series of progressive movements and meditation techniques.

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Meditation & Movement