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Vidya Method was created by movement and meditation practitioners who are interested in a holistic approach to health.

About Vidya Method

Combining their shared knowledge of yoga, Physical Therapy, qigong and meditation Vidya Method has developed a holistic perspective that develops the relationship between the body and mind.

Drawing from traditional Tibetan yoga lineages as well as Western Medicine and traditional education systems, you will find a fully embodied approach to meditation and movement practices, encompassing the understand that everybody is unique and therefore must develop their own approach for health and wellbeing.

At Vidya Method, we are here to share the tools that will help you build your own approach to movement & meditation. Our interactive courses offer participants the opportunity to learn amidst our live online community with the goal of establishing a firm foundation in Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Somatics, Functional Movement and Anatomy.

We encourage you to browse our site and find the classes that appeal to you Yoga Oakwood.

Classes & Courses

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Movement & Anatomy

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Beginner Yoga Series

Vidya Method is now offering an introductory course for new students.

When you’re new to yoga Oakwood, it can be hard to know where to start and therefore we have created our Beginner Yoga Series. This course serves as a great first step for all new and returning practitioners focusing on the basics of posture and breath.

If you want to try yoga, but are unfamiliar with it, our teachers are here to help guide and give you plenty of specific, expert instruction so you’ll never feel lost. Our Vidya Method teachers are highly educated, master teachers, with years of experience that will guide you on your yoga journey.

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There are many benefits to embarking on our Beginner Yoga Series, some include:

• To decrease stress levels within mind and body

• Learn methods to increase your breath and body awareness

• Improve your strength and flexibility

• Learn modifications that suit your body’s needs which will build confidence in your yoga practice

Class Atmosphere

The teaching schedule includes:

• A nurturing and supportive environment for discovery

• An easily accessible schedule that will support you along the way

• Prerecorded classes that can be accessed anytime, as well as one weekly scheduled zoom meeting where we can discuss, ask questions, and practice together

• Include instructions on postures (asana) and movement for flexibility and strength

• Instruction on how to relax using your breath (pranayama) as well as easy to use meditation and relaxation techniques

• Questions will be encouraged and welcomed throughout each class

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Participants in the Beginner Yoga Series will have access to a private online platform containing all the postures taught during the course.

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Yoga Teacher Training

The Hatha Yoga of the Vajrayana Lineage

Vidya Method offers a dynamic approach to the practice and teaching of yoga Oakwood. Our Teacher Training offers an in-depth opportunity to explore relationships between fundamental principles of traditional yoga and the somatic embodiment of the physical postures. This is the first program to focus on the Hatha Yoga lineage of the Vajrayana tradition – a rare opportunity to connect with an authentic Hatha Yoga lineage.

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What Is Offered

Our Yoga Teacher Training course will provide you with:

• An understanding of traditional yoga postures, anatomy, breath science (pranayama), and somatic mindfulness techniques

• A contemplative education specifically designed to prepare you to gain clarity and self-awareness as well as preparing you to become a creatively engaged teacher

Movement & Anatomy

Hatha Yoga explores asanas from a direct experience of your own body. The learning process takes place not just in the mind, but in the body itself and the experience is integrated at the cellular and subtle levels.

Hatha Yoga principles explore how to consciously access and utilize the automatic physical and mental responses and gain an awareness of unconscious movement patterns that form and inform our everyday waking state.

Meditation & History of Yoga

In addition to asana, we offer a comprehensive yoga studies curriculum and contemplative approach, two areas of specialization that further distinguish the program. The first is the study of Buddhist traditions. The earliest practices and teachings of Buddhism deeply informed classical yoga. Vidya Method’s Teacher Training program includes an exploration of this understudied area of yoga research, and subsequent traditions of Buddhist yoga practiced in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism.

A second area of specialization is a comprehensive study of the yoga of tantric traditions, which is also a largely uncharted domain in the history of yoga, upon which the curriculum shines significant light.


A totally unique aspect of our course is our mentorship program. You will get to shadow one of our master teachers on our Beginner Series Course and learn how to design course curriculum and work with new students. Few, if any Teacher Training Courses offer this exceptional opportunity.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers each have several decades of experience practicing and teaching yoga. We are a multifaceted staff with degrees in Education, Physical Therapy, and extensive study in Tibetan meditation and praxis. We are fully committed to working closely with students to foster development so that the learning experience is significant, and the educational experience is transformational.


Our Vidya Method Teacher Training program’s certification is recognized by the Clear Light Yoga Association. Participants in our program will receive a certification from Vidya Method recognized by C.L.Y.A.

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Our Yoga Teacher Training is offered online. There is an online platform with prerecorded lessons that students can access at any time. In addition, we will meet twice a week for live classes on Zoom. The live classes will be recorded, and recordings will be available to participants for the duration of the course.

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Meditation & Mindfulness Training Series

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Meditation is to bring the mind to rest single pointedly on a chosen object or idea. Whether you are new to meditation or seeking to deepen your practice, this course will be beneficial for you. The focus of the course is on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness come from a teaching of the Buddha called the Satipatthana. Satipatthana is the establishment or the arousing of mindfulness. In the Satipatthana, the Buddha teaches that a meditator should be mindful of:

• the body
• the feelings or sensations of the body
• the mind
• the phenomena the mind encounters

These are the Four Foundations upon which we will build our mindfulness practice. We will be using the following aspects of meditation to help guide us:

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In order to direct our attention to the Four Foundations we will need instruction on Shamatha, or calm abiding meditation.

Shamatha is really the basis of most meditative practices. When one cultivates Shamatha as a daily practice the mind and body become less restless, negative thoughts begin to dissipate and our mood will naturally boost. While we can apply the concentration of Shamatha to any practice or activity, we will learn about and meditate on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us or inside of us. While mindfulness is innate, it can be cultivated through study and practice.

Attending a weekly class is a great way to establish a practice and or strengthen an existing one. By attending a class, we can draw on the support of a group and we are more likely to hold ourselves accountable and thus create a healthy habit.

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Somatic Fascial Restructuring Lessons

Customized Somatic Fascia Restructuring Program

Often our current habits and our environment prevent us from moving in the natural way the body is designed to move. We tend to interfere with our bodies instead of listening to the needs of our body and thus it is not uncommon to develop movement patterns that cause us chronic pain.

Through a series of somatic lessons we will begin to understand our habits that are causing us chronic pain and learn how to overcome them. Individualized somatic lessons will help us to discover our bodies’ natural ease of movement.

• Individual assessment
• Weekly private sessions via Zoom
• Customized at-home program developed for you based on my assessment and your stated goals

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Somatic Fascia Restructuring reestablishes your natural viscus and elastic fascial structure which results in harmonious movement. As you become more fascially driven, less lactic acid is produced from overactive muscles, thus you generate a type of springy, effortless ease in movement.

12 Week Program

In twelve weeks, you will:

• Discover your body’s natural holistic connection

• Re-establish your fascial body through our somatic awareness movement curriculum specifically designed to reestablish your fascial body

• Begin to experience your body as a fascial tensegrity structure, thus relating to your body more holistically and dynamically

• Learn specific breathing and embodiment methods to help you stay centered, calm, and focused

• Learn how to utilize your body’s fascial network to create an internal brace and response to movement (this reinforces your body’s muscles and tissues to create greater balance and freedom of movement)

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Somatic Fascia Restructuring is not a complicated method, but it does take work and consistent effort. Once your fascia has restructured then you will not need to commit much time at all to keep it conditioned.

Most of the work is done in the first twelve weeks and that is why private lessons are invaluable and highly recommend.  Once you learn the method and your fascia connections are healthy you may then seamlessly incorporate it into your daily life and exercise programs.

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